As a police officer, Joe saw lives shattered by violence and death; as a therapist, witnessed loss, grief and despair, and when his own family received the news that their two sons had a fatal neurological disease, he and his wife experienced unimaginable heartbreak.

Like never before, they had to reach deep into their faith, and it was there they found joy, peace, love and hope. They experienced God’s mercy and grace and the healing that only He can bring.

Whether in concert, or speaking on Marriage, Passion or Stress and Spirituality, or offering his own personal testimony, it is Joe’s desire to share The Word that leads to life in abundance.

"I've been a fan of Joe's for a long time. His heartfelt songs speak of the love of God
and how He transforms our lives. Joe's home-spun sound is unique and I know he can
change the world with his music."
- John Debney, Composer

"Joe Sikorra is a healer. He lifts and inspires our hearts and, through his melodies and words, helps us to find the joy and the peace of God."
Robert Maurer, PhD, Psychologist and Author

"As a filmmaker I am moved by powerful stories, and Joe is a master storyteller, but his medium is song. His faith and music are birthed in a place where despair meets hope. His story and music will inspire you."
Steve McEveety, Executive Producer of Passion of the Christ

"Joe Sikorra brings a message that is full of wisdom and heart, tested by the fire of life's bitter realities. He is a man walking through life's calamities with patience, grace and faith. Through music and testimony he is able to share that faith...and anyone with a heart will be touched and strengthened."
Clint Carmichael, Producer


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